The Business Side of Patents & Innovations

Venture Isles is a consultancy and service firm focused on the business-side of patents and innovations.  We are marketing experts, not narrow legal or accounting specialists.  Patent valuations are often the first of our services used by new clients.  Our mission is to help clients to make better business decisions on the development, protection and commercialization of intellectual property.  We are based in the global patenting-node of Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP).  We serve individuals, SMEs and the Fortune 500 mostly in North America.

Profit when Venture Isles finds market-makers for your innovations.  We are unique in our focus on uncovering decision-makers' perceptions of competitive technologies and overcoming barriers-to-adoption of our clients innovations.  Achieve your goals by tapping our valuation, licensing, brokerage, patent portoflio promotion, patent analytics,  and scouting services.  Engage us at all  phases of commercialization to increase returns and lower risk.  Cost-effectively outsource time-consuming searches for the technological "golden needle" amid the global haystack of technologies to Venture Isles. 

Our seasoned advisors bring a fresh perspective and insightful decision-tools help sharpen your strategic plan to maximize return on your intellectual property.  We coach founders, scientists-turned-entrepreneurs and C-level executives on the business side of patents and innovations.

Call today to learn more.  Venture Isles leaders will take your call and look forward to discussing your goals and challenges.

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